searching for a guide through life

Pursuit of Happiness.

1.) Get finances in order. My original goal was to have my student loan paid off by the end of this year, and to be a home owner by age 25. But as much as I’d like that pesky, interest-earning bastard to be gone and done with, seeing as though it has a lower interest rate, I should first work on paying off my credit card debt. I still want to be a homeowner by 25, but that will depend on issues beyond the financial aspect. Like where do I want to settle down and do I plan on being there for a significant amount of time and what’s my family situation looking like. Right now I need to find some successful (stress-free) side hustles to gain some extra income and start building a little cushion of savings for emergencies and random expenses. I also need to figure out a way to teach the hubby to be more financial responsible and a tad more frugal (as I am). Not having to stress about money would equal a nice amount of happiness.

2.) Restructure my career. Early on in my life I knew I was not meant for the 9 to 5. And fresh into my first “professional” job out of college, that sentiment rings true for me every day. I feel like for 8 hours (or more) everyday, my life is not my own and I BELONG to this job to do its every bidding. I feel like I secretly want to scream sometimes or rip out my eyeballs, and this is a job that I claim to “like.” I just was so meant to do my own thing on my own time, exercise my creative capacities. I’m an artist, goshdarnit. I just have to figure out now how exactly do artists get paid.

3.) Start a family. Yes, starting a family will be a lot of work and will probably sideswipe attempts at point (1) and point (2) but it’s the most important and crucial to my happiness I believe. No man is an island. Family has always meant the most to me, whether I’ve showed it or not. And I have an awesome, amazing family whom I love and treasure, but I would be remiss if I didn’t say I want to build a family of my own. I will always be my parents’ daughter and my siblings’ sister, but I yearn for more. I yearn to be a mother. I yearn to be a wife. My boyfriend and I have been having more conversations these days that include marriage and children. I’m just in anticipation for it to happen.

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