searching for a guide through life

“go ahead, go ahead, go ahead and save me….”


well, it is what it is, i suppose. i’m not sure what i expected. immediate fairy tale happily ever after, i guess. and i was thinking to just give up on that notion. but instead, maybe i’ll just be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, you know. and i do love my life right now. need to just focus on what i do have and not what i don’t have..

still — i’m on this upgrade kick. gosh, i can’t help it. the job is cool, but i can’t stop dreaming about starting off on my own. i’ve been this independent chick for all my life, but i keep on yearning to be a wife and a mom lately.

mmm… all in time.

i just hope it’s not a LONG time.

in the meantime… i really want to get my tattoos and dye my hair again. i need to make some extra money to get some furniture, go on a couple trips. and i really need to go to church one of these sundays.

need to get my life in order… ughhh..

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