searching for a guide through life

i have so much on my mind…….

……i don’t even know where to start.

i just… miss that… so.in.love.blushed.cheeks.laugh.til.it.hurts.lose.track.of.time.reality.better.than.dreams.don’t.want.to.let.go.of.the.moment feeling.

cuz right now, i want to let go of it all.

my heart is so low. but i try to act like i don’t know. and just keep going on.

happily ever after seems so far away. 

and i’m not even unbalanced right now. i’m just.. unhappy.

want to lose myself. never come back.. to hurt.

i want to be adored. and to see each day as a treasure.

instead of waiting for “one day”……

how much time do i have?


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