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I hate the morning time. I also hate the cold. Today is like 30 degrees outside and I’ve been up since about 8. Well technically I didn’t get much sleep at all. Unfortunately there’s a short in my circuit breaker that’s causing my heat to not work. Terrific right?

I noticed that it was getting cooler and my air wasn’t turning on and off like it normally does late last night when I went to bed. But I figured it was just me. I’m always cold. But it got worse over night. Finally around 5 I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like it was literally freezing in my apartment. I called the power company but they couldn’t help me cuz they said since I still had power in the rest of my apartment it wasn’t a problem with their services. They suggested I call my apt. maintenance. So I called the after-hours emergency number and no one picks up. That’s when I get on the phone with my boyfriend and vent to him. Poor guy, I woke him up early (he’s doesn’t love early either) and he’s all the way in Miami this month so it’s not like he could really help. The funny thing is he was able to come to my rescue. At first he was suggesting I turn the shower on and let hot water steam up the bathroom and sleep on the floor in there. whatevah His other suggestion was to turn on the stove and open it up to heat the house. In neither of those situations would I be able to sleep. Then the maintenance guy calls me back and tells me to check the circuit breaker. Everything looked like it was on. So he says he’ll send someone first thing in the morning. Then I get back on the phone with my boyfriend who tells me to turn the circuit breaker switch for the heat off and then on. It works!!! 

Unfortunately it only lasts about 30 minutes before going off. I’ve done that over a half dozen times since then. Now it only lasts about 10 minutes. And because I called the guy back and said it was working, he no longer sent someone out first thing in the morning. I put in a work order and I’m praying this issue gets fixed before I get home at the end of the day. Actually before I get home for lunch if possible. Because I cannot LIVE in a heatless apartment. And I can’t keep switching the circuit breaker on every 10 minutes. How will I be able to sleep?

Sigh. I hate the cold. I shoulda been at work right now instead of blogging, but work is also not my fav place to be. That tells you something when you rather be in a freezing apartment than go to work. It’s usually cold at work too. sad And I’m pretty sure I left my scarf and hat and gloves in NJ. It’s not supposed to get cold like this in Mississippi.

And because I’ve been up so early I decided to eat breakfast because if not I’d get hunger pains. But I’m soooo not a morning eater. Yuck. I’m wearing stockings today under my work pants. That’s how cold it is. I’m half debating whether to bring my slipper socks to work.

This morning is definitely like a D+. I hope today gets better. Thanks for putting up with my venting and complaining.

Oh, and I TOTALLY miss my hubby. bummed


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