searching for a guide through life

there was no ring. no kneeling down on one knee. in fact, he was hundreds of miles away.

we just had an awful day. not a fight or anything, just a long, taxing, stressful crisis. but i guess it put certain things in perspective.

the next day we chatted, we texted. i talked to him before going to work like i often do.

and as i was getting my stuff together and preparing to walk out the door he says to me: “you know what i’ve been thinking. we should get married this summer.”

just like that. like suggesting we should go out to eat next saturday or something. simple.

and in the next breath i said: “i think that would be a great idea.” like agreeing to spend the rest of my life with him was such an ordinary decision.

but it took no thought, no hesitation. i love him with every fiber of my being plus more. he’s my puzzle piece, my best bud, my God send.

i don’t know if that “counts” as a proposal or if it means we’re now engaged, but he’s the one. God put us together for a reason.

we just have to make it official now. heartcoolpleased

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  1. that absolutely does count! my father proposed to my mother the same way, said “let’s get married”…and they did! My hubby just said “when do you want to get married?”congratulations sweetie, how exciting!!!

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