searching for a guide through life

I don’t want to write about things I could change but haven’t yet.

That’s, I guess, one of the reasons why everytime I go to write an update in here, I stare at the big white screen and then eventually end up clicking the little red X at the corner of the screen.

So many times I want to come here to vent, but I don’t feel justified in blabbing about all my issues and uncertainties and insecurities that I know, I KNOW, I can change and make better. I just haven’t gotten to the point where I am changing them.

I don’t want to ignore this blog, but I also don’t want it full of cop outs or excuses or bunches of negativity and depression (even though we ALL go through our moments). And I know I could talk about something else here… like books or popular world issues or something, but this has always been my documentation of my personal life… since 2004. Right now my personal life is kinda messy. And it isn’t although I’m afraid to show a little mess here – it’s just that I need to revert into my cocoon so that I can emerged transformed into the butterfly I know I am down inside.

So this isn’t goodbye. Just a brief “See ya later.” 

See ya soon.


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