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30 random things about me

(idea stolen from headstrongchica.xanga.com )

1. I’m very sensitive and empathetic to the point that I sometimes cry at commercials and tv shows.

2. The show “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” has me overanalyzing every possible symptom. I don’t want to be one of those cases. That show is so crazy.

3. I don’t think my life will truly be complete until I have children.

4. Although I LOVE my natural hair, sometimes I’m sick of wearing it out curly.

5. I say my favorite color is green, but I don’t really have a favorite color anymore. I wear black all the time at work though.

6. I want to visit all 50 states, and I really want to do it all in one shot. One big road trip.

7. Growing up I was a big math nerd.

8. In high school, my plans were to be a physical therapist.

9. I used to think I’d live in Philadelphia or Atlanta. Never though I’d end up in Biloxi.

10. I first fell in love when I was 12 years old.

11. I’m very old-fashioned.

12. I get crushes on the houses I’d like to buy.

13. My first love and my future husband (two different people) have daughters that share the same name (different spelling).

14. I’ve been saying I’m going to write a book for years now.

15. I’ve had my Xanga page for almost 7 years.

16. I suck at bowling but I’m decent at playing pool.

17. I miss playing sports.

18. I’m the middle child, but after 24 years I still don’t know what that’s supposed to mean.

19. My parent’s marriage confuses me.

20. I miss working at the movie theatre because I no longer work with my peers and I no longer have a place to enjoy free movies and free food.

21. The way to my heart is truly through my stomach.

22. I love trying new things.

23. I haven’t been swimming in a pool probably since freshman year of college.

24. I’ve always lived near the water. I can’t imagine not.

25. Getting a back rub or getting my hair done puts me to sleep.

26. I would love to open my own little cafe someday.

27. New Year’s is my favorite holiday.

28. I have nothing hanging on the walls of my apartment.

29. My family spent Christmas in a hotel one year because our home caught fire. It then flooded not too long later.

30. I don’t know how people can drink beer. I think it tastes horrible.


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  1. 12…me too! HGTV has me ruined, I loveeeee watching the house buying shows! 15-ditto!23 I love trying new things too! whether it’s by myself or with others…it’s fun! especially by myself! 24…I thought I was the only one! I won’t consider moving to a city that’s not within an hour drive of water! seriously!30 I hear beer is an acquired taste…but I don’t wanna acquire it lolgreat list! 

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