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I found out today that the asking price of our dream house, the one I am in LOVE with, has dropped another $10 grand. I sooooo want this house. And I believe I could afford it. At least I’m pretty sure I would get approved for a mortgage. The only issues are the extra costs with owning a home that are hard to predict and not having any savings in the bank now. Will someone scoop up our house before we are able to buy it??? :-/

I really have to start thinking seriously about this home buying thing. Talk out all the pros and cons. Reach out to my loved ones for their advice. Find a realtor. Get pre-approval for a mortgage. Figure out some way to bring in some extra money to afford this. Sigh.

I really want that house.



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  1. Awww how exciting! Good luck! just definitely make sure your debt to income ratio isn’t too high…thats definitely what folks get turned down for when seeking approval for a house loan…where is the house at, Biloxi???

  2. @HeadStrongChica – Yup, it’s in Biloxi. And I’m working hard on aggressively reducing my debt. But now after talking to my sister, she’s trying to get me to move closer to family in Atlanta. 

  3. hmmm is housing cheaper than Atlanta? Can you find a job in Atlanta? if you can’t find a job to pay for a house…that’d be a slight issue lol either way ,GOOD LUCK!

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