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OK, so — I finished my first freelance assignment!

Yay me!

I haven’t yet turned it in because it’s at the end of the day on the east coast and I want to make sure I can talk to the editor about how I will be getting paid and such. She was my boss and mentor when I interned there three years ago, so I’m pretty sure I could just e-mail the completed work today and then get her on the phone tomorrow to deal with the financial stuff. I may even be able to get her on the phone today. But sending it first thing tomorrow morning would give me the chance to look at it with fresh eyes, so I think that would be better. My deadline’s not until Nov. 5 so it’s early either way.

I feel really good about this and I hope this is the beginning of a new turn in my writing career. 

As for my 9-to-5… every time I hear about a murder or traffic accident or crazy crime case or some kind of controversy, I’m really glad I’m not there. I definitely like learning new things and telling people’s stories, but all the bad stuff, it’s just creates tension in my heart. I know it’s not balanced journalism, but I wish I could just write about good stuff all day. But people don’t buy newspapers to read about children winning spelling bees or newcomers opening a business. As much as they complain about seeing “bad” news all the time, I think people like the controversy. The drama. That’s one reason I want to go into PR. Public relations specialists write to create a particular (usually positive) image of a person, company or organization. Sure, you may have to deal with crisis management, but it’s your job to put the good spin on it. You aren’t reporting about all the bad stuff.

Even though I want a career change, I think part of me just can’t imagine leaving this industry which I specifically went to school for. I know I was blessed enough to get through school mostly for free, and it’s not like stepping away from newspaper reporting will mean I’m leaving all aspects of print journalism or that I won’t be able to use what I learned in other capacities, but it’s still nerve-racking thinking… what’s next?

The last time I was on a serious job search, it was so different. I didn’t have time to wonder or consider or second guess. I was unemployed, living in my parents’ house which got foreclosed and forced us to live in my uncle’s friend’s basement, AND I was away from my other half. I had to get a job – somewhere, something, anything. Now I did and got a bit comfortable, hence the fear.

Must kill these fears.


P.S. If you haven’t noticed I’m 2/30 on my 30/30. Haha. Hoping to stick with the challenge!

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