searching for a guide through life

I have this vision for my new blog. I want it to be a cool expression of the 20-something life. I want it to be useful and entertaining and attractive. Right now it’s just my crappy musings. I’m trying to do a 30/30 for both this one and that. It’s easier for this because this is my personal one and there are so many personal thoughts going through my head. Not so much for the other blog – which is supposed to be more professional and whatnot. I know, I know. Most great things start off with a rough draft. I guess this is my rough draft.

Last night I kept thinking and dreaming about my bakery. You know the one I’m supposed to be starting now because A.) I love baking and B.) I have this strong desire to work for myself. But yeah….. it’s just in the dream stage. I’m afraid it will be there for a while.

I sometimes wish Justin read my blogs. I sometimes wish my parents did too. Well… I don’t know – I just wish I could be more open to them all. I know I need to reach out. Not just reach out but share all these concerns that dance around in my head making me sick. But I don’t. I always found it easier to write instead of talk. That’s why I became a writer. That’s why I am a quiet girl. But still. Damnit. They need to know.

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