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Ok, I officially have the itch. I want to dye my hair. Red.

I’ve just finished watching a TV show with a girl with red hair, then channeled surfed to a movie with a girl with red hair, then flipped to another show with a girl with red hair. All different ladies. It’s either a sign OR… I need to cut out the TV. haha

I have wanted to dye my hair – reddish or blondish – but I wanted to wait until after my wedding. For some reason, I want my natural hair color, hair length, everything for our wedding photos. Then (if I’m not in a stuffy corporate job where I’d feel weird about it), I’ll do something drastic to my hair.

I did wash-out red coloring the winter after I chopped all my hair off au naturale. Then one of my college friends dyed my hair a sunkissed brown three years later, winter 2008. It took about two years to grow out my color from root to tip. Yes, I never was one to maintain my dye job or hide my roots. Loved the color and loved being two-tone, especially when I just had the brown tips. 

I also want a tattoo. 🙂



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