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Your Story

As a journalist, writing obituaries is an occasional part of my job. I’m fortunate to not have to write them every day – usually twice a month, tops – but there’s a weird benefit I get out of doing it. Writing about people’s lives and how they will be remembered by the ones they leave behind really makes me think about my own story.

I’m fairly young, but you never know when death will take you. I haven’t done half the things I’ve wanted to do in my life. And when it’s time for someone to start writing down my story – I want it to be an awesome one.

And it’s not all about the things you do – it’s just as much about the relationships you have. I’ve written about quite a few whose loved ones have said that he/she “never met a stranger.” That’s my boyfriend, right there. Me, on the other hand? I’m more like the type that’s remembered for having “always put family first.”

How are you living out the dash between your birth date and the date you’ll leave this life? What’s your story?

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