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What’s the Plan, Man?

Starting around age 5, our lives become planned out. We are taught to follow the curriculum. The plan is to finish one grade and matriculate to the next. For those of us who went to college, we pick a major and then follow the course of study the school delegates. But after graduation, there is no plan. We are on our own.

The past three years since graduating college I feel like I’ve kind of just gone with the flow. I took a temporary job waitressing which ended up lasting a year. I left that to pursue a job that reflected what I went to school for and wound up in a new world in the deep South. Although I love it here, I still feel like I’m just moving with the current. I don’t have a 10-year plan, a 5-year plan, a 1-year plan – nothing.

I think it’s time for some structure. I think it’s time to make waves and chart my own course. Time to hatch a plan.

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