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Catching Up a la 2001

When it comes to today’s world of technology, there’s plenty of ways to catch up with people. I missed a couple calls from a friend from high school and thought: why doesn’t he just hit me up on Facebook?

These are the times. You have to be careful what you post today on social media sites, because not only are potential employers looking you up, but so are your professors, your pops and your great-aunt Sheila. You can know everything you’d ever want to know about the lives of complete strangers just from reading their blogs. It’s too much, but still sometimes that good old-fashioned communication tends to slip through the cracks.

A while back I thought about how my best friends and I would pass notes to each other in the halls back in high school. My kids will probably never experience that. Not when there’s texting. My grandparents chide me for not calling to catch up, but I pretty much know when anything happens over there, because my uncle is on Facebook 24/7.

Technology is good – I’m not trying to say otherwise – but there’s nothing wrong with going back to the basics every now and then. Those friends I used to pass notes with? I haven’t physically seen or heard from them in years. I’m still waiting for my cousin to return my phone calls so we can catch up on all that’s been going on in our lives.

Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I miss hand-written letters and getting phone calls on my birthday. But then again, I’m a blogger, so what do I know?


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