searching for a guide through life

My body has a natural alarm clock that goes off just about 10 a.m. Hahah. It was nice to sleep in til then though.

I need to get up and get ready for the day, because my boyfriend wants us to check out this flea market in Mobile with his cousin and his lady. It should be nice. I’ve never been to Mobile and I’ve never really spent any time with his cousin and them so it should be cool. My hubby and his cousin are hoping me and the wife bond so that me and her can hang out and not stress them out when they want to go out. It would be nice to have a friend here.

I have a feeling this weekend might go by fast, but after next week, I have another whole week off. Yes! November sure went by fast. I’m hoping December is the same, cuz with so many people out next month and me working the holiday – it might be a stressful month at work. I still haven’t bought the food for my Thanksgiving dinner. smh. We’ve been thinking about driving to Florida the weekend after Thanksgiving. In this economy and our financial situation, travelling is never ideal, but I really hope we go to Florida so I can get to meet/spend a little time with some of his family. It’s super important to me. I might not end up completing my 30/30 if I don’t have computer/internet access down there but oh well. I’ll give a recap later.

Well — on to today!

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