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In the roughly two years I’ve worked at my job, I’d have to say that my favorite day was probably around Thanksgiving last year. Why? Because we had a wonderful, delicious pot-luck meal.

Those that truly know me know that the way to my heart is through my stomach (or vagina) and I love to try new things. That was the day that I learned that my co-workers could truly throw down in the kitchen. There were a lot of savory Thanksgiving-type meals and so many unique selections, as opposed to your typical holiday party where everybody brings store-bought brownies, cookies, cupcakes, punch and plastic utensils. I even made a spinach/bacon/cheddar quiche, which everyone said was great.

Something big inside of me was anticipating that tradition to be repeated this year.

But no.

Tomorrow is the day before Thanksgiving and I haven’t even heard anyone mention any potluck plans. I know I’m the newbie, but they carried on last year like it was a regular thing. (For Christmas, the company does a catered meal, which is nowhere near as good as our newsroom potluck.)

Yeah, I’m definitely disappointed.

I’m planning on starting my Thanksgiving cooking tomorrow – just the baked items: mac and cheese and white potato pie. We got all the groceries for Thanksgiving dinner last night. Our other menu items – ham, stuffing, green beans, cranberry sauce and rolls – shouldn’t be a big thing to make on Thursday. I wanna watch the Macy’s parade, cook, eat, call my relatives and just chill out and enjoy my day off. May even get a little shopping in… Don’t know about that, but I know some stores are open. I don’t really plan on giving out Christmas presents this year, with maybe the exception of my boyfriend’s daughter, nieces and nephews, and maybe him. Of course there are things I want to buy for myself (that might be cheap with Black Friday deals and all) but y’all know I’m trying to save for a HOUSE. haha

I think my boyfriend’s cousin is coming over for Thanksgiving so that should be nice. Gotta find something to do while they watch football. Haha. I’m not sure if we will be going to Florida this weekend after all, because of finances. But we shall see.

My mom and sister want to visit or want me to go visit them – but again the finance thing. I truly think they’ve wanted to see me more now that I’m eight states away than when I was only three states away living in Virginia. I worked on both Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2009, I believe, and they only came to visit once. I also only went up there once that year too. Just from summer 2010-summer 2011, I saw them 4 times. LOL

It would be nice to see them more often though. I need a travel sponsor. Haha. Or a better paying job.

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