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Cyber Monday

I don’t online shop.

I barely shop, period. Sure, that may make me uncharacteristic of my generation and of my sex — but those are the facts.

Today, I am attempting to discover the big deal about Cyber Monday. Supposedly there are supposed to be deals like Black Friday shopping (which I don’t do either) but on the Internet.

What’s on my Cyber Monday wish list?

-Kid’s Jordans

-Kid’s gaming system

-Smart phones


I have a feeling there’s more, but that’s all that comes to mind right now. Mind you, this will likely just be browsing – and it will likely be later on when I can shop with my fiance. It’s not easy for me to spend money – especially struggling as a 20-something with some big financial goals. But if I find a good enough deal … we’ll see.

Do you online shop on Cyber Monday? What’s on your wish list? What have been your best deals?


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