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No ring shopping today, but probably later this week. I had a good day today regardless.

I keep thinking about the wedding lately — and the future. I feel like there will be quite a few big changes coming up soon. Buying the house and getting married next year and then hopefully having some babies. It will literally be like a new life. Sometimes it’s overwhelming but I’m ready for it.

Another change I’m speaking into action is our new jobs. My hunny and I both don’t like our jobs. I have to admit, I’ve gotten a bit discouraged with the job search and more complacent with just putting up with the one I have but I know it doesn’t bring me joy and I don’t feel like I’m growing at all. Plus I really would like to make more income and with the industry I’m in, I feel like it could take decades to significantly see any change in my salary.

I feel as though I need to be more active in prayer – asking God to not only help me identify a good position and have the employers see me in a favorable light but to have the courage to actually make the transition. The fear of what will happen leaving a somewhat stable job has crippled me, but I can’t see it that way.

When I left my job in Virginia, it wasn’t exactly a matter of necessity but because I knew I needed something more career-wise. I had tried getting another gig, a second job really, at a retail store but that didn’t work out. Then I got promoted at my current job which was nice, but my lease was ending and I didn’t like my current living situation with my roommates and couldn’t find a new place to live last minute. So with tears in my eyes, I quit my job at the cafe, went back to NJ, got a job after months of applying and moved down to MS. And here I am – fine, but missing that courage I had. The power that got me to leave a job I actually enjoyed to return home, which I never wanted to do. And the strength to take a chance and move somewhere relatively new and so far away by myself to do something I was trained in at school but hadn’t done in more than a year.

I pray for that courage again.


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  1. you did it before, you can do it again! it’s inspiration to me because I have a degree, that I have yet to really use…how did you get a job in MS being all the way in VA? 

  2. @HeadStrongChica — I actually got the job in MS while living in NJ. It worked out through a lot of online research/job hunting and then applying via email and doing interviews over the phone. Crazy right? I ended up moving within two weeks of my interviews with no money really saved up and no secure place to stay. But it worked out!I’ve been putting my degree to use for about two years now and although it’s been a learning experience, I think I might be more satisfied doing something outside of what I went to school for.

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