searching for a guide through life

I want something amazing to happen in my life.

Like Christmas as a kid. You have certain wishes but nothing compares to that day you wake up and are surprised with an abundance of all you could have wanted plus more. It all comes straight to you, wrapped in pretty bows, under sparkling lights, addressed to your name with love from a mysterious benefactor.

At 24 years old, I wish Santa were real.

I just need a little dose of magic to keep my life from feeling so flat. A pixie dust jolt to keep my happiness from being so fleeting.

Or maybe I’ve always been destined to be dark and twisty and all that will never be. 


In better news … I actually completed my 30/30. Beneath the gloominess of my mood, I’m ridiculously proud for posting every day for a straight month both here and at my newest blog: anorthstar.wordpress.com. I’ve never done it before so: woohoo!! I’m going to try to keep up with the consistency. Maybe not daily but regularly. I still have a lot of personal thoughts I haven’t blabbed and blabbed about here. And A*North*Star is definitely in that young stage where I could easily give up on it like I have with other blogs in the past, but I really want it to last. I need to develop a better voice there. My hopes are to build a brand through it and promote it and use it as a professional outlet for my writing.

I really have a lot of big dreams. I do. It’s just that everything between my reality now and my future dream life is one big hazy fog.

Need to break through.


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  1. Make your own magic.  Go give someone something that is special and become Santa to them.  The magic of what you did for them will make you feel special.

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