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The 99 Percent

I was Twitter-hopping and blog surfing when I came across this image:

It resonated me because it closely followed my story. I studied hard in high school and choose a school that covered most my expenses via scholarship. I did have to take out a loan (which I’m still paying off – in fact, I owe more than I borrowed) but it’s relatively small. I worked my junior year and always live within or under my means. I don’t expect any handouts. I strongly believe that your decisions matter and the actions you choose shape your destiny.

Of course, that’s not always the complete story. That’s when I saw messages similar to this that hit me just as hard.

And I stumbled across bitter sweet stories like this:

Because sometimes money puts you in a much more comfortable position, but no one wants to get there at the expense of losing the people they love. It also gives me hope that there are still folks out there who realize the Spidy ethic that “with great power comes great responsibility.” Those with abundance and means should reach to pull up those who struggle.


Are you the 99 percent? Is today’s success more a matter of hard work or luck? Who should assist those struggling and how?

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