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My boobs hurt.

Damn, faux pregnancy systems. I am NOT pregnant. I know it. So it just makes me annoyed to encounter those type of symptoms.

I’ve taken too many negative pregnancy tests, that I don’t want to pee on a stick again. The three minutes of waiting only to be crushed with disappointment each time is kinda heartbreaking. I’ve been nauseous and lightheaded, missed periods, and had increased sense of smell. The symptoms mean nothing. So having sore, tender boobs, again, doesn’t mean crap.

Last night my hubby-to-be cuddled up next to me and rubbed my stomach, which protrudes only because I’ve gained about 20 pounds since moving here. When I asked him why he was doing that, he said because sometimes he imagines there is something in there. I told him it was only a hamburger.

But that I wished there was a baby in there too.


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  1. Girl you and me both…thats been me twice this year…sucks to find out I’m not pregnant and then find out that it’s all stress related from my freakin job??? -____- not happy about that. God will grant us kids when He sees fit…hang in there girly

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