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Techno Woes

So apparently the government wants us to stop texting while driving. And talking on the phone, for that matter, even if it’s hands-free.

I may be a young whipper-snapper, but well damn.. The next thing will be to ban other people in the car for fear you might strike up a conversation. And I suppose that’d be a no for using a GPS, the radio/CDs/mp3 player, eating while driving or smoking while driving. Hell, I know some commuters who apply make-up and shave with electronic razors while operating a vehicle.

And gosh, reading billboards and signs might be too risky. The most distracting thing for me as a driver is when my bag of groceries or whatever other junk I may have on the seat of the car falls over — so I guess that’s out too.

Just sit there and drive.

Yes, I know the risks that distractions pose to drivers. I have a cousin who died in a car accident — not from texting though, just from plain old tiredness and falling asleep at the wheel.

I just think that using a cell phone while driving shouldn’t be a federal offense. If you’re mature enough to get your driver’s license, you should be mature enough to gauge how certain “distractions” will or will not impact your driving.

And if you’re too mature that you don’t master new technology with the ease that perhaps your younger counterparts do, perhaps you should put down your iPhone and stop worrying about where I text.

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