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Well here it is. I didn’t think I’d write this entry but … here it is. The end-of-the-year recap/resolutions entry. Soooo typical. 


2011 really went by fast if you ask me. It really seems like just a month ago when we were standing on the beach lighting bottle rockets and kissing in the mistiness. A new New Year’s is already here.

So what all went on in 2011?? Well this past year wasn’t a big game changer. Nothing really monumental occurred. At least not in my little everyday life. I’m still at my old job. The one that I told myself I would have moved on from by the end of summer. I got a new beat covering a city an hour away.. which I thought would be a real drag. But it hasn’t been all that bad because the ppl are nice, I get bigger travel checks and more time on the road, and the city I used to cover has been going through a bit of drama that I’m glad I don’t have to cover. You know I don’t like anything controversial. Although I had two weeks of furlough this year (mandatory time off without pay), I did get a two percent raise a couple months ago. Also Justin joined the ranks on the employed in like late Aug/early Sept. Having two paychecks is great – although we still stress about money. And I still pay ALL the bills. Where does his money go?? That’s somewhat of a mystery and a different blog for a different day.

Let’s see.. my sister graduated from college in May and I got to go up to NY/NJ to see her and the rest of the fam. I do love my little glimpses into my sister’s fabulous life … and what I left in Jersey. I know 2011 has been much more eventful for her, but this recap is about my year.

Oh, going back some, I celebrated my 24th bday and my first Mardi Gras all around the same time. Was also back in New Orleans for my best friend’s 25th bday which falls on Halloween weekend. So two crazy holidays (and birthday celebrations) in one of the craziest cities in the US.

I took out my third credit card to have the funds to fly to the east coast for my sister’s graduation. And somehow or another maxed out that card. But as of this morning I paid off ALL the debt on all my cards, so I’m entering 2012 with no consumer debt.

Besides that, I gained about 15 pounds, started planning a wedding and moved to the 21st century with a smart phone on my own plan and a web cam.

I have no idea what I’m doing for New Year’s Eve, but I’m trying to get ready by cleaning the house and such. I hope I can get it all finished before New Year’s Eve, meaning I hope I get some energy in me tomorrow after work to finish it all. Our apt is rather cluttered.

And for the New Year’s resolutions…. Many will sound like I broken record, because I seem to make and not go through with a lot. But in 2012, I’d like to:

-Lose weight. Magic number is 50 but I’m not so caught up with numbers than being in shape and more healthy.

-Move my family forward. I’m hoping that means marriage and trying hard at having kids. I’m ready to put down some roots and grow. I don’t want to enter 2013 in the same position relationship-wise that I have been.

-Get a new job.

-Finish writing my novel.

-Have a consistent side gig or a budding self-employed work.

-Grow the new blog.

-Start pre-requisite courses in order to go back to school for an MBA.

-Become more involved in my community through social/networking groups and volunteer work.

-Get back to church.

-Be more organized.

-Strengthen my relationships with those around me, even if that means getting out of my comfort zone.

-Save money.

-Be happier.


Well… there you have it. Happy New Year and have a blessed one!


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