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Sh*t 20-somethings Say

(I probably don’t have to say it, but this post was inspired by the viral video Sh*t Girls Say … and all the others that followed.)

– Ugh, that bill’s due Friday.

-We’re going out on payday.

-Trust when I get paid next week, I’m coming back to cop those shoes.

-Is it the weekend yet?

-I miss three-day weekends.

-I miss summer vacation.

-Remember when I only had classes scheduled Tuesday to Thursday?

-Thirsty Thursdays!

-Oh, did you hear about so-and-so? She just got engaged. Posted the rock on Facebook.

-You know what’s his name had another baby? I saw all these “congrats” on his wall and then his girlfriend tagged him in a pic.

-Are you sure they had the baby yet? I didn’t see any photos on Facebook.

-What’s going on with so-and-so? I never know anymore because he deleted his Facebook page.

-Oh my gosh, everyone’s getting MARRIED.

-It’s like pregnancy is contagious or something.

-My mom said something about grandkids the other day.

-Every time I bring him home for the holidays, my family keeps asking when we’re getting married.

-He’s about to propose soon, I can feel it.

-Are you going to make it to Homecoming this year?

-Last time I was on campus, everybody looked so young.

-I don’t know anybody that goes to our alma mater anymore. So sad.

-I feel old.

-Are we getting old?

-I can’t believe my little cousin is almost a high school senior! I remember when she was a baby.

-I’m thinking about going to grad school.

-How many years has he been in school now?

-You know so-and-so’s finally graduating this year?

-I miss college. Not the classes though.

-I haven’t been to a party in forever.

-I gotta go. I have to get up early for work tomorrow.

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One thought on “Sh*t 20-somethings Say

  1. I feel old, and are we getting old come out my mouth all the time. And especially keeping up with people on facebook. And a lot of the time they’re people I don’t even know that well or were even that close to. smh.

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