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Down time/time off can really be a big spirit booster. LOL

Since leaving work Thursday, I’ve: gone to two bookstores, did a little window shopping at the mall, watched my favorite show with my sister via webcam, got treats from the bakery, went out to eat and went house shopping w/hubby. And I have two more days of blissful weekend. Hallelujah! Still wish I had like a week off to regenerate but hey…

Although I’m blogging in bed, right now I should actually be sleep since I want to try to get up early tomorrow so I can go out and get my taxes done. The busy-ness has put it off but I need that ish filed so I can get my refund! Honestly, I swear I tried to set it up this year so I’d get more in my paycheck and less withheld but I’m not sure it worked. They still took out an arm and a leg for taxes and so I’m hoping for a nice-sized refund. This year’s refund is going strictly to the house. At least that’s the plan. My lease is up at the end of April and I’m ready to make my first real estate investment. At least I think I’m ready. Or I think I can get ready. LOL. The time crunch is nerve wracking though. I don’t want to go forth with my formal search until I have some money in the bank so these mortgage lenders and Realtors know I mean business. But if I really am moving, I have to let my apartment management know a month in advance. So really it means I have like a month and a half to find a house and sign on the dotted line. And it’ll take about a half a month for Uncle Sam to give me back the money I rightfully worked hard to earn. Ugh…

Anyway, househunting today was interesting because it was raining. Haha. But what better way to know whether your future yard floods or if traffic in your future neighborhood gets backed up in bad weather situations. I feel like I’m changing my vision for a house, because at first I was interested in fixer uppers and 4 bedrooms and 2,000 square feet and in the current city I’m living in. Now I’m thinking more move-in ready, 3 bedrooms and 1400 square feet and I don’t mind if it’s in the next city over. I’m just praying for a stressfree process and a safe and functional home.

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  1. wow, you’re really about to buy a house! ahhh! it’ll all happen the way it’s meant to happen, I’m excited for you! Definitely check out FHA loans if you haven’t already for financing a house…and buying a house is a little stressful from what I hear but oh so worth it in the end! Good luck! please keep writing about it, so I can know what to expect when I buy in a few years! 

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