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“Are you ok?”

That’s the question that I ask myself at least once a day, usually in the mornings while getting ready for work or after encountering a stressful situation tied in with my job. And since I’m always honest with myself and there isn’t the need to sugarcoat anything, the answer is generally “no.”

I can’t wait until the days when I can tell myself “yes.”

I anticipate my life to come to the point where when people ask “How are you?” that I respond “Great” or “Awesome” and not just “OK.”

I’m turning 25 on Tuesday and the whole first half of my 20s have been somewhat in a slump, which started pretty much around the beginning of my high school years if I recall, maybe even before then. Sure, every day hasn’t been a low one. I’ve had some great times, fun memories and remarkable achievements. But I wouldn’t be one to call my twenties “super” thus far. And I hope when I’m much older and look back on my life that I don’t describe my early 20s as “the best years of my life” as folks often do. I’m hoping that the best is yet to come … that life will only get better with age. These years, to me, just feel like developing years.



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  1. understandable about the slump. Here’s to hoping 25 is fabulous for you!!!! 

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