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Hustle, Hustle Hard

Hello kids!

The letter of the day is H. And today’s lesson is: If you don’t want to be hungry or homeless, then you better hustle.

This subject has been heavy on my mind for a while now, but for some reason it hit my newsfeed hard this morning with folks linking articles from CNN, VIBE Vixen and Madame Noire.

To sum it all up in a nutshell — the world is changing and the traditional path of securing a stable 9-to-5 and working there for 40 years until retirement is becoming more and more obsolete. In some industries, that version of the American Dream just isn’t reality. For other people, working long hours for little pay in a “good” but unfulfilling career is sucking all the passion out their lives.

I think it’s more than just the recession. I think it’s more than just millennials being restless. I think this hustle mentality of managing side gigs, creating a brand and a business based off your talents, and relying on multiple streams of income will become closer to the norm for a lot of folks.

I embrace it in my life. At first, I’ll admit I was hesitant to go that route thinking it would cause me to stray from my goal of having a stable lifestyle. But let’s face it — this economic outlook is so far from what it was like when we were growing up or when our parents just started out in the workforce. We have to change the definition of “stable.”

And a little hustle won’t hurt.


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