searching for a guide through life

Got a lot on my mind. I know I really need to talk it out. Even if it takes a year full of conversations and a little outside help from a counselor or two. I know we need to talk it out. But he left. Again.

I don’t know how it’s possible to love someone so completely different from you and to have that work. Even when you respect each others differences. Sometimes the different lifestyles/choices/decision-making processes are just too different from each other that it’s just impossible to merge into one life.

I love him with all my everything. But sometimes I wonder if that’s enough.

And since no human is perfect — is it better being with someone you love knowing you’ll forever be dissatisfied with the differences or to seek out someone more compatible knowing you’ll forever be in true love with the one before?

I feel like I live in a catch-22 when it comes to this situation. There is no perfect decision.

I guess all I can do is pray on it and try to listen hard enough to God for a solution, for direction.

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