searching for a guide through life

God is so gracious. This morning I was feeling miserable. I did not want to get out of bed. I woke up for maybe the fourth or fifth time that morning, looked at the time on my cell phone and prayed: God, please help me find a better job.

After getting home from a late assignment tonight I checked my work email and there was this one message stating that jobs were available at this community nonprofit. Just like that. Now I’ve gotten emails from this organization before, even after asking them not to send it to my work email (I somehow got on their list after corresponding to someone from the company regarding a previous story I wrote), but the last position listed in the email was something exactly up my alley. A chance to use my writing/communication skills, be creative and yet do something good for somebody. I believe that God has prepared me for this job position and will bless me with employment there. I am claiming it as mine in the name of Jesus.

Now I just have to apply!

My “game plan” is slightly changing, but I am trusting in God that it’s all for the best. I’ll probably be putting my home-buying plans on hold. Perhaps my child-bearing plans too. But I think that it’ll all work out.

I need to re-focus on being the person I am and am meant to be, not mindless following a set path that brings me pain and no happiness.

Thanks be to God.


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