searching for a guide through life

Things I Am Avoiding

1. Scheduling doctor’s appointments

2. Starting therapy

3. Starting pre-marital counseling

4. Going to church

5. Getting serious about my novel writing

6. Seeking out other freelance jobs

7. Applying for new full-time jobs

8. Quitting current job

9. Getting a new place to live

10. Taking advantage of local treasures like museums and such

11. Starting an exercise routine

12. Pre-planning meals around a structured diet

13. Going back to school

14. Staying constant with my new blog

15. Buying shoes, a sweater, a new purse and work clothes to replace my broken/worn out ones

16. Joining a community/professional organization

17. Planning a Florida trip

18. Doing something new with my hair

19. Cleaning the apt.

20. Organizing my clips

21. Planning a wedding


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