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Ahhh!!! I’m freakishly excited right now.


After the next 3 days, I am off work for 16 glorious days. Count ’em! 16! Granted, five of the days are unpaid time off but STILL. Lord knows I’ve been waiting for this vacation time. At first I thought I’d have to work a Monday and Tuesday in between the two weeks but my boss approved me to take those days as vacation days so I’m stoked! The time is going to go by so quick so I’m going to need to create a game plan to make the most of it. Of course, there will be some sleeping in and lazying around. Wouldn’t be a vacay without it.

I’m starting off the vacation the best way too. Heading to Georgia with the mister to spend time with both our families. Score! My parents and siblings are flying in and it will be the first time in maybe a decade that all of my first cousins on my dad’s side plus me and my siblings will be together. It’s usually always someone missing. I know everyone has busy lives and such but to get us all in the same place together at the same time is something MAJOR. Justin’s family is having a reunion that same weekend, so I’m hoping to meet some of my future in-laws — cousins, aunts and uncles. Originally, his parents, brothers and sisters were supposed to be coming up but I think my niece has a big track meet that weekend so their plans have changed. But I think we’re going to end up buying a ticket to get twin buddy up there and then drive back home with Justin to keep him company while I spend the week with my folks. He can’t stay all week because of work.

The other plus side about the GA trip — seeing my bestie Courtney. She lives a little bit away but I’m counting on her to come see me. LOL. Since graduating HU, it’s not often we’re in the same state. We went from being roomies for two years to not seeing each other for years in between. Dislike.

I may or may not be able to do a little business networking while I’m there. The magazine I freelance for is headquartered there. I’m tempted to drop by and visit my old editors but I’m still not sure of all the logistics — like what my free time will be like and if I’ll have a car to go off on my own.

I’ve excited about the trip for sure, just not looking forward to the financial burden that is travelling. We have to get at least one of our cars up to good travelling shape. We both need some clothes to pack because all we wear here are work clothes and the same few lounge-about outfits. I really would like to get my hair done, like braided or twisted. And all that’s before even hitting the road! There’s gas and hotel if there’s not enough space to crash with family. Meals and entertainment while we’re there. A bus ticket for me because I’m not driving back with hubby. And a ticket for his twin if we get him out here. And then who knows what trouble they’ll get into here while I’m still away. Ha! Justin will probably be working each night but I know they ain’t going to want to sit in the house all day. I already know my guy can blow through money so two of him is twice the financial headache. Especially with his brother being unemployed, we’ll be basically funding his vacation. I guess that’ll be my birthday gift to them. Ha! I wonder if they’re thinking of Jason staying til their birthday. Hmmm… Or what if Justin gets him a job working with him and the vacation turns into something more. That’s kinda what I’m afraid of. Our little one-bedroom can’t fit another person plus I’m not up to having an adult roommate right now, especially while I’m still more or less the full time financial support of my current adult roommate — my man! And then, there’s the lingering issues between me and twin. And twin and twin. And the issues that could arise between me and Justin by the added tension of his brother living here. Sigh. It’s … complicated. I don’t like that it is, but it damn sure is.

Changing the subject … I’m also excited thinking about my upcoming life plans … namely marriage, new place to live and new job. I’m about 92 percent sure the wedding will be in October. Haha. My hang ups with having the perfect wedding, having Justin be the perfect man and us having the perfect relationship is keeping me from being 100 percent. I keep flip flopping about the home buying thing. I thought I had talked myself out of it for now, but HGTV and the little voice inside my head are talking me back into it. On the employment front — I applied for a new job last week but haven’t heard anything back about it. There’s atleast two other jobs I want to apply to plus I want to submit resumes at two or three local companies. I’m still a bit on the fence about going back to school. There’s no doubt that now would probably be as good a time as any. It’s just like the other big life decisions — I’m not sure about it.

What I am sure about is I’m sleepy and as much as I want to stay up, I’m gonna need to call it a wrap on tonight.

Three more days!!

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