searching for a guide through life

I’ve been listening to a lot more music lately than I typically do. I drowned in music in high school and in my earlier college days. When I use music as an escape, I feel like I’m stepping back in the shoes of the Cole that once was.

Good? Bad?

Mmmm … don’t know. Or maybe I just don’t want to judge it all.

So … the countdown is at 23 days. Even less if I take a sick day or two sometime within that time frame. I mean, I might as well get the most out of my benefits, right?

It seems so radical how my life just kind of flip flopped after one vacation. After one death. How I’m willing to step back and choose to buck the “expected” path.

How I’m each day closer to a bucket full of uncertainty. LOL. Or maybe I’m just closer to my destiny. Who knows what will await me in Atlanta.

I’m scared but I’ll find out. God will see me through.


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  1. Atlanta??? I think I missed something! lolGood luck girly! 

  2. @HeadStrongChica – Yes, I’m moving there to be close to my family – grandparents, cousins and uncles – and Justin has a sister and extended family there as well. I know just a few weeks ago I was house hunting in Mississippi. Now all of a sudden it’s Georgia!

  3. haha sounds like me! awesome stuff! 

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