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I love Xanga because I can vent here and not just anybody will happen upon it. (At least I hope with checking the desired security measures and all.) Can’t do that with Facebook or Twitter.

So quick venting session :::

My job is getting on my cotton-picking nerves right now. I can’t even do my work because I have to do the work of two other co-workers who are too busy on other assignments. I guess my work is much lower in importance than theirs on the totem pole. So they have time to interrupt my lunch break and cut it short but not time to start on it in the meantime and then ask for my assistance when I get back.

All that said, I’m really trying hard not to sweat the small stuff. I tell myself whatever it is, I can take it because my time there is limited. HA! (I really hope all this moving stuff works out.)

Work gripe #2 — How is it that my (white) boss goes to attend the National Association of Black Journalists conference and doesn’t even think to mention it to his black reporter. There’s only two of us. Me and a guy in sports. I would have loved to go. Would have been elated to be sponsored by my job to go. But who can expect things like that? Not me.

Mmmmm whatev.

Got to get back there. Goodbye, shortened lunch break.

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