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I’m watching HGTV’s Design Star and it’s just making me excited about designing my future home!

I never had a space that was really decked out the way I wanted since maybe highschool. There’s only so much you can do with a dorm room and the two places I’ve rented since graduating … well, I never really put the heart into making them homes to be proud of. I know I’ll probably have a small budget to work with and I’m already pretty thrifty (aka CHEAP lol) but I do want to live in a nice space for a change.

I’m already decorating (in my head) the house I’m falling in love with online. I do this ALL the time. Haha. Since we’re not moving for at least another month, now might be too early to be looking because I feel like the market there is so much more quick turn-around than where I’m living now and I really need to focus on getting the other big duck in its row — a new job. The thought has crossed my mind to just go there regardless and live off my savings — and probably waitressing — while I give myself time to focus on getting serious on a freelance career and writing my novel. But as much as I do want to make some time in my lifetime for those pursuits, I’m not sure now is really the time.

For such a free spirited artist, I really crave stability. I want a job with a steady paycheck and health benefits at least until I can trust that I can make it with an out-of-the-box career.

Maybe that’s the fear talking though. Ugh, that darn fear.


One day I will get it together. LOL

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  1. Oooh house hunting! Sounds exciting! A big part of me can’t wait to finally get stable so me and hubby can buy a house, renting is highly overrated! I’m just like you, a creative soul who just can’t do instability right now…hence the reason I’m looking to do a masters to get into a more stable career field. But playing devils advocate? Now is the time to do it, while we’re young. While we have no mortgage payments. While we have no kids. While we have no major responsibilities. I keep this in the back of my head all the time. I don’t want to look up 5 years from now, have a mortgage, house, and kick myself for being scared. Do what you’re scared to do. 

  2. @HeadStrongChica – “Do what you’re scared to do.” Best piece of advice EVER!

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