searching for a guide through life

I’m on the brink of a new transition in my life.

I’m nervous about where this will take me but I’m hoping this move is the best step for me overall. Sometimes in life you just gotta shake things up.

The last big shake-up for me happened about two-and-a-half years ago. I had been out of school for a year, had a waitress job that I did enjoy, was living in a townhouse with some co-worker roommates and I just up and walked away from it all. LOL. That’s not the whole story of course. My personal/home life in Virginia was kinda rocky. Our house had grown to be like the party house for all my co-workers and I wasn’t in to all that. I’d wake up to find people sleeping in the living room who never paid rent and even the ones who were supposed to be paying rent didn’t pay in full or on time. Unfortunately I was the only one on the lease so I bared all the responsibility. I did like my job, but there was this voice in the back of my head telling myself I should be working in the field I went to school for. I was like one of the only college grads there. What I thought would be temporary work turned into a year’s stint. I wanted something “better”. I didn’t want to be living paycheck to paycheck. Even still, I tried to stay in the area, get a supplemental job, move away from my old roommates and in with my cousin. It just didn’t pan out. It literally brought tears to my eyes when I had to tell my boss I had to leave. But it was a move I needed.

I went back to Jersey, which I swore I’d never do, and made a new plan from scratch there. Unfortunately my man decided to live with his family down south while I was with mine up north, so the plan I formulated was to get a journalism job (preferably) somewhere down south to get back to him. I’m not sure how I really survived three and a half months of unemployment, but the time off was a blessing in disguise because I was needed at home. I took care of the brand new puppy while my parents were away from home in the day. I was there when my mom had to be admitted into the hospital and then when my dad had to have surgery (we were actually in the hospital when I got the call that I got the job I have now). I was there through the foreclosure of our childhood home and when we had to pack everything up in storage (which we lost) or into my uncle’s friend’s basement (where we all lived for a while). I moved here with the help of my mother, and with the grace of God, things worked out here.

So now, even though I’m wondering why I’m making such a crazy move again, I know that a little or a lot of uncertainties doesn’t mean that life as I know it will come crashing down.

I’m going to keep praying through this season. I know God will see me through.

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  1. Change is scary and exciting all at the same time but God’s got you! 

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