searching for a guide through life

“Don’t do it. Reconsider. Read some literature on the subject. You sure? Fuck it.”


I really want to curl up in a ball and hibernate this weekend but I’ve got too much work to do. Sleep sounds sooooo good though. And the movies. I’ve been wanting to see People Like Us and Magic Mike since they came out it theatres. Man, there are so many times I miss working at a movie theatre. LOL

So what’s on my to do list? Get some work done on at least one of the cars. Write up some awesome cover letters for jobs. Continue searching for a place to live. Go over budget. Work out?

Haha. Exercising is another of the somethings I keep putting off. And the days keep passing by and I’m not getting skinnier by just wishing. I know one thing, I don’t want to be fat as I am in my wedding photos. So I better get it together.

The wedding planning is going nowhere but I’m getting more okay with the thought of not having the traditional ceremony and reception and just having a very modest wedding, maybe even just getting married at the courthouse like my folks. I think I’d never hear the end of it if we just eloped without telling anyone. Plus I want our families there. I already know I want to get married near our dating anniversary, which is only 3 months away. Am I ready??

I know my love is nervous about moving. I am too. But I’m loving how he’s got my back through everything. I love that man. He’s my family and my family is my absolute heart. I could go on and on. They’re crazy wonderful.

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