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Ahhh so much to write about! (And I know I won’t get to it all either.)

This week we finally made the Florida trip. We were gonna chicken out and wait til we had jobs, money saved up, etc., but at the last minute we packed up the car and went. It was definitely well worth it. I had a blast. We got there early Monday morning and left Wednesday night. In that short time, I discovered and fell right in place (and in love) with a whole ‘nother side of my family. I say my family because although they’re technically his, they made me feel as though I was family from the jump. In fact, I probably spent more time than he did with his mom and dad because he went out with his twin brother the first night and had to sleep it off most of the second day. I could probably write a whole entry about my trip but the highlights were: meeting everybody including my future stepdaughter, touring St. Pete, BBQ-ing and eating boiled crabs, seeing baby pictures of my baby, and seeing the twins back together. The trip wasn’t without its drama. Whenever he and his twin get together it’s something. But things smoothed out as they always do and all-in-all, we had a good time. I wish I would’ve taken pictures. We got a group shot of some of the family when we were leaving and I think he got some of the kids when they were outside playing during the barbecue but that’s about it. I also wish I would’ve have more time to bond with his daughter because we were both super shy and awkward around each other, but maybe next time we’ll warm up to each other. My journey through stepmotherhood is sure to be a complex one, but I love her and will always and that’s what matters most. I can’t wait til we’re stable to the point where we can go down there or they can come up here at least once a month. I want so much for my family – all of it.

Speaking of what I want for my family — I think my cousins and I are going to work to get the family reunions back up and running. My grandma, her brother and their cousin started organizing reunions in the late 1980s I believe and we’d have them every year until about 4 or 5 years ago. Our dad’s generation had taken over but let things fall through the cracks. I mean, there was the economy tanking and everyone having their individual issues, but it’s time to bring the reunions back. We used to have the best of times in the summer going to family reunions. I really hope we can get them back, especially for my grandmother’s sake. I’m also going to work to organize her photos … and probably try to train my uncle’s dog. My uncle has this dog that he brought over to my grandmother’s house on what was supposed to be a temporary basis. Now he has had the dog there for half a year and left my grandparents with the responsibility of caring for it most the time and it’s not even trained. When my grandfather complained, my uncle said he’d just take the dog to the pound, but my grandma said it would be ok there if it was trained. I’m not sure what I’m getting myself into, because I’ve never trained a dog that old before. (I trained puppies but that’s different.) I think I need to have a conversation with my uncle but who knows if I can get through to him.

It’s a new month, marking one whole month of living in Georgia. It has definitely not been what I expected but maybe it will grow on me. I enjoy going to my granny’s church every Sunday and am thinking about possibly joining. I’m still looking for a job. I’ve gotten discouraged and depressed but I need to just get back on the grind. I have maybe 2 months of financial resources left, so I need a job ASAP. My goals to work out and to write a book have been ignored but I need to find time to make both those happen. I still want a house (badly) but I’m not sure if we will just get an apartment once we start working or stay here at the motel til we can save up again for a place. That’s gonna be a decision I’ll have to make with the hubby and I don’t think he wants to stay where we’re staying for any longer than he has to. Another big decision we’ll have to make is the wedding. Spending so much time with the fam lately, I can’t imagine getting married without them there — and having a party with all of us together would be the best. But we’re not going to be able to afford a wedding in a month so we got some decision making to handle. But I love my baby and am excited to start our marriage and our family.

Well… enough writing for now. A Redbox movie and a pumpkin spice latte sounds good in my immediate future.


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  1. ahh yay! you got to meet your stepdaughter! how awesome! so glad things are going well in ATL…oh quick question, what kind of job are you looking for in ATL? I know a few people in ATL and I can ask them for some leads if you like…let me know!

  2. @HeadStrongChica – Yes! Ideally I’d like a job in public relations/corporate communications for an agency, company, school/university, nonprofit, hospital, etc. But I also have administrative assistant experience too and am looking at those kinda jobs too. And journalism jobs, though I’ve been hesitant about going back to write about murder, crime and city politics. I’ve been meaning to write a job-related blog post for the longest. How’s your new job going along?

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