searching for a guide through life

I took a general career test to find out which career matches my personality type and the results were:
-counselors/social workers
-clergy/religious workers

Apparently I’m a Dreamy Idealist, but I didn’t really need a test to tell me that. What I’m looking for though is direction on a career that will fulfill me and help provide for my family. At the minimum, I’d want one that pays my bills and that I don’t detest. I’m not on that path currently. I am fortunate enough to have been offered a position — working as a reporter at a weekly community newspaper — which I’ve accepted, but dream job? Not even close. I’m heading further along the path of stress and dissatisfaction.

My loved ones have advised me to keep pursuing jobs that I think I’d enjoy, but I’m not quite sure what that would be. Hence, the career test. Unfortunately, most the jobs on that list require further education and I’m nervous about going back to school and racking up more student loan debt only to face the possibility of not liking my new career or not being able to find employment in my field right out of school. The writer suggestion of course is right up my alley, but according to a writer I really respect, you shouldn’t write with the idea that you’ll be published and/or successful. Now that’s good advice in the ideal world, but in reality – I need to eat and I have a family to support. If it were just me and I didn’t have any dreams or desires to have a future family, it would be fine to pursue writing books as a hobby and if I get success from it – great! – if not – I still did something I love. But my reality? As much as I love writing, I care more about my family and future family. Writing is a singular profession that requires much self-discipline and dedication and I don’t know how I’d justify investing so much time, energy, and possibly dollars into something that at the end of the day might be published, might be profitable or might be neither.

My nephew-to-be told me he wants to be an author when he grows up. He’s in 5th grade. Honestly, I do hope I can find success writing books so that I can be a role model to him and help guide his career, if he still has that career goal when he’s older.

I pray that my reality falls in line with my dreams. But I am willing to sacrifice for my husband, stepdaughter and future children (and I want a handful!). Matter of fact, high school guidance counselor sounds like an interesting option for me. Time to research my options….

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  1. Guidance counselor sounds like an awesome idea…do your research on the job market, I do know several folks up here with degrees in school counseling who ended up doing something else due to a tight job market…hopefully the job market is better down there. What about teaching english? Or, are there any successful writers in Atlanta? I’m sure there are…maybe you can do interviews with them, see how they do it full time and see if they have any suggestions for you! You’ll figure it all out! the twenties are a time for exploration…pursue what you like, what you’re curious about. you’ll end up exactly where you’re supposed to be!

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