searching for a guide through life

Ahhhh…. this sucks.

Ok while I eat my pb&j sandwich brunch, I’ll try my best at a quick recap in la vida de yo.

I’m suffering from overload so much that although I woke up only an hour ago and it’s like just a half hour after noon (not unusual for a typical sleep-in weekend), I feel as though it’s like 8 at night. Being in this shitty motel room with the blinds closed might have something to do with that, but I’d also attribute it to this week – and the upcoming week to come – just knocking my fanny out. I’ve been so freaking tired because I’m up before 6 a.m. to get ready for work and then I’m not home until 6:30, 7 or later and I just got time to cook dinner, watch a tv show, talk to hubby for a minute, get ready for bed and pass out and do it all over again.

I’m beat. At night I’m just delirious and in the morning I want to fall asleep while driving. Today I wanted to get up and do a number of things — namely, vote, apartment hunt, get my car fixed, get my emissions test, and so on. My to-do list this weekend is pretty long. But my body was calling for SLEEP. Now I’m up but hunny’s at work both days this weekend and my cousin is also tied up with her jobs so I have no buddy to go and do things with. This is basically Mississippi part two – well only in that aspect. I found myself missing the mistress the other day (shaking my head). But damn, at least I did have a social life in VA and when we were tight, we were tight. I miss having me an ace in my corner to get through daily life.


I have a lot of inappropriate thoughts like so that should get edited out but whatever.

….. OK, I just spent like an hour talking to my baby on the phone and now I gotta go out and do stuff. Usually I’d just erase this blog cuz I didn’t have a time to even halfway finish my thoughts but — POST!


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