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This past week or so has definitely reaffirmed why I moved out here. Granted, I am still struggling to find my place, I’m not a city girl and I’m not fond of this city in particular. But the family aspect of things – YES.

Yesterday, I spent the whole day with my grandparents. My grandpa went with me to take my car in to the shop and get a rental. We had breakfast at Waffle House and talked about travelling. Went shopping with my Granny – both at the store and in her closet. Made a cake with her later on just because. It was great.

This morning will be church. I’m hoping my cousin comes down too – that would be nice. But either way, I’m really loving being back in church. I enjoy my grandma’s church a lot. Going to church really fills a hole inside of me and I’m grateful for that.

And then just everything else this week:

-Going to my cousin’s school concert
-Talking/texting my other cuz
-Hanging out with yet more cousins talking about future plans of opening an eatery
-Random dinner at Granny’s 
-Having my uncles help me out with things

Although it’s a sad occasion, I’m also very thankful that we are in a position where when my baby’s uncle passed, we were able to get him down to his hometown for the funeral.

Family is so important to me and it’s just increasingly becoming that way. My desire to enter motherhood is getting stronger as well. And (at least for a period of time) I’m going to want to be a stay-at-home mommy so I really need to get things in gears so that it can all happen. I know this part of my journey in life will take time and take patience. But it will also take action, work, prayers and smart planning. I’m looking forward to looking back five years later and reveling at how much five years has taken me. Because although sometimes I don’t quite realize the growth in my life, I can sure say the same about five years ago.

Well time to take advantage of today! Peace.


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